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Can you post more output? Please post constructive comments with ample information. Use `termux-info` and describe your issue in detail. Provide both input and output. --Ux (talk) 22:24, 30 November 2017 (CET)

Repost your comments at include as much information as possible. The more information, the easier it is to help. Include machine architecture and screenshots. Use termux-infofor machine Archstrike. Use volume down + power for screenshots. --Ux (talk) 18:48, 30 November 2017 (CET)

More information about your topic is requested. Post information regarding your machine. Use `termux-info` and share this output with us.

What is your sequence of commands? You posted some information. More is needed for us to help you find a resolution. What is the sequence of commands you are using? Where are you using the commands? Describe your topic in more detail. You mentioned two methods. Describe each method separately.

It looks like your topic wants more than just one screenshot for clarification. Include as many as you think are necessary to explain your issue clearly. To take a screenshot in Android, press and hold power + volume down simultaneously. Hold these buttons down momentarily.

[IRC Weechat with Touch Keyboard in Termux on an Android smartphone]


S D Rausty 13:48 Titles like: why ? please help help i do fix this Should be prohibited at Termux G+ A) This completely discourages potential future Termux users, "Install this on my phone?" B) Other than BAD PR for Termux they accomplish nothing. You need to study the screenshot to phantom what the hell is this about! I'll terminate this list at B.

S D Rausty 13:56 These types of posting should be deleted immediately. They discourage potential users, and even though they prove we are a helpful community through our comments to these posts in particular, do we want to encourage users who discourage future Termux users? I will be adding Title Policy to and I want your assistance @fornwall @Neo-Oli

S D Rausty 14:03 I have been an active Termux user for only a short while. Before choosing Termux, I weighed the comments, problems vs. compliments. As a Termux user, prior to becoming an active user, I really wasn't to concerned about our community. All I was concerned about was, "If it works, use it. If is doesn't work, don't use it." So I want your help because I am unfamiliar with our policy even though I have initiated this document because of a want for it. This want is very simple, to promote Termux far and wide. HELP REQUESTED FOR

S D Rausty 14:14 What is Termux Policy? It is intended to be an FAQ of sorts regarding where to post what, including push pull information. How to construct an effective post so the user can find a resolution almost immediately. As apposed to questions from us asking users for more information, which is time and resource consuming! It's called nonproduction. A lot of work, almost nothing if anything produced, this is what I mean by using the word nonproduction.

S D Rausty 14:26 For example, we have made tremendously cool tools like termux-info! Termux users should not be requested to submit more information, including using `termux-info. They should have submitted this information on their initial post. What many users do unfortunately is title their posts, "Help! It's broken" (Bad PR) and posts like these linger because we lack the resources to ask users for more information.

S D Rausty 14:32 This includes screenshots, which we request often from users after their first post for help. By the way, isn't part of our so called "paycheck" looking at pages from users with their device system information and their device system information screenshots? With output from our work, or course! or *of course

S D Rausty 14:38 Policy should encourage users to: i) post as often as wanted. ii) post as much information as needed. iii) repost in related groups, for example:

S D Rausty 14:47 A Termux user has an issue with Node.js. Instead of posting, "help it's broken" with a screenshot of a broken Termux at G+ which would discourage potential Termux users from Installing our app. This user is provided with guidelines where and how post their unfortunate issue. Also, they are encouraged to help Termux by reposting their accomplishments with Termux at Node.js groups they take part in regularly. We are gladly helping you as best as possible. Can you help us at the same time also by spreading good news about Termux in your community too? Including wom (word of mouth advertising)!

S D Rausty 14:54 Now, if a Termux user does refer a friend to Termux, and G+ is full of "help Termux is broke", will this newcomer install Termux on their precious smartphone? What will this person think of their friend who recommended this?

--Ux (talk) 21:01, 29 November 2017 (CET)