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Since November 2, 2020 we no longer able to publish updates of Termux application and add-ons because we are not ready for changes upcoming with SDK level 29 (Android 10).

Everyone should move to F-Droid version, if possible. Check out Backing up Termux if you are interested on how to preserve data when re-installing the application.

Update on 2021.02.03: Google Play builds are no longer treated as official.

About the issue

Github discussion: https://github.com/termux/termux-app/issues/1072

If Termux application was built with target SDK level "29" or higher, it will be eligible for SELinux restriction of execve() system call on data files. That makes impossible to run package executables such as "apt", "bash" and others located in the application's writable directory such as $PREFIX.

We have chosen to stick with target SDK level <= 28 in order to keep Termux running on Android devices with Android OS version 10 and higher until we release next major version of Termux (v1.0). It will change app design to comply with new SELinux configuration and Google Play policy, potentially at cost of user experience.