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In order to have access to shared storage (/sdcard or /storage/emulated/0), Termux needs a storage access permission. It is not granted by default and is not requested on application startup since it is not necessary for normal application functioning.

Storage access permission will not enable write access to the external sdcard and drives connected over USB.

How To

Open Termux application and do following steps:

  1. Execute command termux-setup-storage. If you already have executed this command previously or for some reason already have storage directory under $HOME, utility will ask you to confirm wiping of ~/storage. This is safe as will only rebuild symlink set.
  2. If permission request dialog was shown - grant permission.
  3. Verify that you can access shared storage ls ~/storage/shared

Termux uses utility termux-setup-storage to configure access to the shared storage and setup these symlinks for quick access to various kinds of storages:

  • The root of the shared storage between all apps.
  • The standard directory for downloads from e.g. the system browser.
  • The traditional location for pictures and videos when mounting the device as a camera.
  • Standard directory in which to place pictures that are available to the user.
  • Standard directory in which to place any audio files that should be in the regular list of music for the user.
  • Standard directory in which to place movies that are available to the user.
  • Symlink to a Termux-private folder on external storage (only if external storage is available).

Android 11

You may get "Permission denied" error when trying to access shared storage, even though the permission has been granted.


  1. Go to Android Settings --> Applications --> Termux --> Permissions
  2. Revoke Storage permission
  3. Grant Storage permission again

This is a known issue, though this is not Termux bug.