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Get information about types of sensors as well as live data.


termux-sensor [options]

Output displayed in json format.


-h, help           Show this help
-a, all            Listen to all sensors (WARNING! may have battery impact)
-c, cleanup        Perform cleanup (release sensor resources)
-l, list           Show list of available sensors
-s, sensors [,,,]  Sensors to listen to (can contain just partial name)
-d, delay [ms]     Delay time in milliseconds before receiving new sensor update
-n, limit [num]    Number of times to read sensor(s) (default: continuous) (min: 1)


Different devices have different sensors. Check the available sensors for your device with command termux-sensor -l.

See Also

Termux:API - Termux addon that exposes device functionality as API to command line programs.