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Files stored in the home directory in Termux is not accessible to other applications by default. This is a limitation of Android itself.

As a workaround, you can use termux-open available in termux-tools package to share files with read access.

$ termux-open -h
Usage: termux-open [options] path-or-url
Open a file or URL in an external app.
  --send               if the file should be shared for sending
  --view               if the file should be shared for viewing (default)
  --chooser            if an app chooser should always be shown
  --content-type type  specify the content type to use
$ termux-open hello.c

For compatibility with standard Linux programs, xdg-open is symlinked to termux-open.

Sometimes, read access is not enough, you need to be able to modify files. This can be achieved by storing the required files on an sdcard. Android Lollipop should work with right out of the box, but, Marshmallow and above require the Termux app to request permissions to Read/Write External Data.

Run termux-setup-storage and grant permissions when the dialog pops up. This will create a $HOME/storage directory with symlinks to respective paths of sdcard(s).