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Agenda 2019-10-27

  • Removal of bs1770gain from repo
  • Android-5 support timeline
  • lldb build fails after upgrade to 9.0.0
  • Google backup crashes termux

Removal of bs1770gain from repo

  • Package contains right-extremist views in project changelog and as string in package
  • Discussed in
  • bs1770gain is not widely downloaded, but enhances the python package beets. There are so far no available replacement packages that work with beets

Android-5 support timeline

  • Latest termux-app version requires min API level 24
  • An android-5 branch has been created in the termux-app repo where changes can be backported
  • Android-5 support wil be dropped on 2020-01-01, and the app and repositories will then no longer receive updates

lldb build fails after upgrade to 9.0.0

  • lldb uses /home/builder/.termux-build/_cache/android-r20-api-24-v2/lib64/cmake/llvm/LLVMExports.cmake instead of Termux LLVM config, and build fails

Google backup crashes termux

  • App should not support Google backups as it kills termux when running
  • Xeffyr confirmed that google backups caused termux to crash
  • Might be because it is configured to backup $HOME/backup, which might not exist, or because it can only handle 25 MB. Reason why application is being killed in backup process is still unknown. This problem is not Termux-specific and happens for some other applications as well.
  • Reported in
  • PR to fix: