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Agenda 2019-05-05

  • Master branch was switched to Cirrus CI which replaces Travis and Gitlab (mostly for testing currently). Builds are much faster, e.g. libllvm can be built in ~50min. Though, setup is quite tricky:
  1. Pull requests should be always up-to-date or force-pushes should be avoided. Otherwise Github will send the head of base branch to CI and packages will be built from PR and base branch (unnecessary work that may result in timeout). Fixable by rebasing PR on base branch.
  2. Changes are determined between latest commit and last "CI's green check", i.e. it will always try to build everything from the recent failure. If failed package is not fixed, in theory that may result in always timed out build job.
  3. Email notifications are available only through Github actions. Not configured for now.
  • Rust cannot be built for x86_64 due to error and therefore is not available on Bintray for such architecture.
  • Should subpackages always depend on current version of main package ? For example, to avoid version mismatch in curl/libcurl which causes errors.
  • Status of libiconv.