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just a heads up, the [[jekyll]] page deleted shows up as missing unless you're logged in. it could be a redirect instead! 😘
--[[User:Cregox|Cregox]] ([[User talk:Cregox|talk]]) 22:45, 17 July 2020 (CEST)
https://wiki.termux.com/index.php?title=Internal_and_external_storage&type=revision&diff=6203&oldid=6202 is incorrect; `media` is correct.
ditto; https://wiki.termux.com/index.php?title=Internal_and_external_storage&type=revision&diff=6204&oldid=6202 ; `data` in incorrect; `media` is the correct folder.
>either give link to normal apk download page, or nothing
APKs are built for the specific device on device in Termux.
https://wiki.termux.com/index.php?title=Internal_and_external_storage&type=revision&diff=6205&oldid=6202 ; then where do you suggest that this information can be added ; this enhancement should be known to our userbase:
You can also build file managers in Termux by issuing the <code>build.browsers.bash</code> command;  Please see [[Working with APKs |working with APKs]] for more information.

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