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Texlive Package Management

After installing texlive, tlmgr package manager will be available.

The most up-to-date version of tlmgr documentation (updated nightly from the development sources) is available at http://tug.org/texlive/tlmgr.html, along with procedures for updating tlmgr itself and information about test versions. A Texlive installation can be customized and managed at any level.


tlmgr info

  • tlmgr search --global --file search.sty will list available packages containing the file search.sty.
  • tlmgr info collections will list installed and available collections. Collections usually means large downloading!
  • tlmgr info schemes will list installed and available schemes. Schemes means downloading even more and larger amazing tex goodies!

tlmgr install

  • tlmgr install scheme-full

You can install all the texlive packages and get a distribution similar to texlive-full on Termux by running:

tlmgr update --list
tlmgr install scheme-full

Using tlmgr install scheme-full will download everything in all available languages! That is a ~2.5GB downloaded running, wow; TexLive - in all languages in Termux on your smartphone.