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The various official package repositories are maintained and signed by the members of the termux-team. Each member has there own GPG key that is used for signing and the public component of these keys are available in the package termux-keyring. Installing termux-keyring makes apt recognize and trust these keys, which is necessary for updating, and downloading from, the repositories.

Current keys in termux-keyring

Grimler's key

Grimler's key is available as the file grimler.gpg and has fingerprint

2C7F 29AE 9789 1F64 19A9  E2CD B007 6E49 0B71 616B

Automatic build's key

When packages are built and uploaded automatically using CI/CD, the repository is signed with the key termux-autobuilds.gpg and has fingerprint

CC72 CF8B A7DB FA01 8287  7D04 5A89 7D96 E57C F20C