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The Termux terminal can be configured by editing the ~/.termux/termux.properties file. This file uses a simple key=value property syntax.

Lines beginning with # are comments and do not get executed. Most of the properties are included as comments in the file. Uncomment an existing line or add a new line to configure a property.

For changes to take effect after editing the properties file, either execute termux-reload-settings or restart Termux by closing all sessions and starting the application again.

Dark theme

Force the application to use dark theme for drawer and dialogs with


Note: This is enabled automatically on Android 9+ if the system UI uses a dark theme.

Fullscreen mode

Enable fullscreen mode with


It is likely that with fullscreen enabled, the Extra Keys view may no longer be visible. To fix, add


Note: Fullscreen may not work well for all devices so consider it unstable for now.

Handling terminal sessions

Use shortcut key combinations to handle common session actions. Add shortcuts to open a new session, switch between sessions, and rename sessions with

# Open a new terminal with ctrl + t (volume down + t)
shortcut.create-session=ctrl + t

# Go one session down with (for example) ctrl + 2
shortcut.next-session=ctrl + 2

# Go one session up with (for example) ctrl + 1
shortcut.previous-session=ctrl + 1

# Rename a session with (for example) ctrl + n
shortcut.rename-session=ctrl + n

Handling the bell character

Adjust the behavior of how the bell character is received with the bell-character property

# Vibrate device (default).

# Beep with a sound.

# Ignore bell character.

Handling the back key

Adjust the behavior of how the back key is handled with the back-key property

# Send the Escape key.

# Hide keyboard or leave app (default).

Handling the extra keys

See Touch Keyboard

Workaround issues with some keyboards

Some keyboards, e.g. a default one on Samsung devices, have issues with text input: text appearing only after pressing "enter", wrong keyboard layout being opened, etc. They are not compatible with the Termux input method because enforcing a word-based input. As workaround, use

enforce-char-based-input = true

This will tell Termux to use InputType.TYPE_TEXT_VARIATION_VISIBLE_PASSWORD | InputType.TYPE_TEXT_FLAG_NO_SUGGESTIONS instead of InputType.TYPE_NULL.

On some devices the combination of ctrl + space on hardware keyboards does not work (for example in emacs) which makes it difficult to mark text. As a workaround, use

ctrl-space-workaround = true

Note: setting this on devices where ctrl + space already works will break the functionality.

Adjust Terminal Margin/Padding

Terminal horizontal margin (left and right) can be adjuted with


And vertical margin (top and bottom) with


Where val is an integer (representing dp units) between 0 and 100.

The default value is 3 for horizontal margin and 0 for vertical margin.

This can be helpful for some setups, such as text on screen edges not being fully visible due to curvature or a screen protector/case. A larger horizontal margin may also be helpful for those having gesture navigation enabled on Android 10+ due to not being able to touch at exactly the edge of the screen.