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The Termux terminal may be configured by creating the file `~/.termux/termux.properties`. This file uses a simple `key=value` property syntax and allow configuring the properties listed below.

After changing the properties file the changes will take effect either by executing `termux-reload-settings` or by restarting the Termux app (closing all sessions before starting it again).

Handling terminal sessions

It is possible to set a key combination to handle common session actions such as opening a new session, switching between sessions and renaming a session:

   # Open a new terminal with ctrl + t (volume down + t)
   shortcut.create-session = ctrl + t
   # Go one session down with (for example) ctrl + 2
   shortcut.next-session = ctrl + 2
   # Go one session up with (for example) ctrl + 1
   shortcut.previous-session = ctrl + 1
   # Rename a session with (for example) ctrl + n
   shortcut.rename-session = ctrl + n

Handling the bell character

By setting the `bell-character` property the behaviour when the bell character is received can be configured as follows:

   # Vibrate device (default).
   # Beep with a sound.
   # Ignore bell character.

Handling the back key

By setting the `back-key` property the behaviour when the the back key is pressed can be configured as follows:

   # Send the Escape key.
   # Hide keyboard or leave app (default).