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Texlive can be installed through the package texlive-installer. The package contains termux-install-tl, a wrapper around texlive's own install-tl script.

Texlive for termux needs several patches to work with termux's non standard filesystem. There is a risk that updates through tlmgr break our texlive since they might undo the various applied patches. If texlive breaks after an update you can run termux-patch-texlive to (try to) apply the patches again.

When installing through termux-install-tl you cannot customize everything, changing installation path or trying to use binaries from upstream will break texlive.

TeX Live Package Management

Texlive packages can be inatalled through texlive's package manager tlmgr.

The most up-to-date version of tlmgr documentation (updated nightly from the development sources) is available at http://tug.org/texlive/tlmgr.html, along with procedures for updating tlmgr itself and information about test versions. A Texlive installation can be customized and managed at any level.


tlmgr info

  • tlmgr search --global --file search.sty will list available packages containing the file search.sty.
  • tlmgr info collections will list installed and available collections. Collections usually means large downloading!
  • tlmgr info schemes will list installed and available schemes. Schemes means downloading even more and larger amazing tex goodies!

tlmgr install

Single packages can be installed with

 tlmgr install <package>

tlmgr update

Updating all install texlive packages can be done

 tlmgr update --all

Details on how texlive-installer works

texlive-installer installs two scripts that can be run, termux-install-tl and termux-patch-texlive.

termux-install-tl runs a patched variant (some paths needs to be changed) of upstream's install-tl script with an argument (-custom-bin) pointing to the binaries that have been installed with texlive-bin. If you want to run the installer with other arguments, for example -repository pointing to a local mirror, you can run termux-install-tl -repository path/to/mirror. You are then shown a text gui where you have the opportunity to choose which schemes you want to install. After all texlive packages have been downloaded and installed termux-patch-texlive is run to fix known problems, mostly to change paths (/tmp -> $PREFIX/tmp and similar).

If you at a later point run tlmgr update and end up with a none-working texlive you might be able to fix the problems by running termux-patch-texlive.