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Please post here if you are a real human and want to be able to create pages.

I want to become a trusted user --Glow (talk) 11:39, 17 January 2018 (CET)

I'd like to be able to edit content and therefore I would like to become a trusted user. --Anade Oh, and please remove a space in front of all question marks on the main page. Thanks.

Anade, you should be able to edit content now (except protected). Trusted group is only needed for creating new pages. Spaces before question marks are now removed. --Xeffyr (talk) 23:46, 18 January 2020 (CET)

Thanks. --Anade

Hello i am Ajay. I want to become a trusted user so i can make pages. But i don't know how to be a trusted user...!? 15 October 2020

hello i am Mendoan, thanks for creating TERMUX amazing app, i using it for learn programming. sorry i cant give money or something, but if you in my country i'll buy coffee :) 03:31 14 aug 2021

Hello ,I'm GINKO.Few people know termux in China. So I want to create a Chinese translation version of the subpage on the termux wiki to promote termux, just like the termux Russian wiki.So I want to be trusted user to creat new page. 5:19 20 aug 2021

Dear Termux-Team,

Please register me into the trusted user group, as I would like to create a new page about developing applications for mobiles on mobile - without monster IDEs, emulators, simulators etc., thereby without renouncements concerning the functional complexity of the applications. In a quick and effective way by using Termux. Take a look at for more.

Sincerely, ZS, 10 September 2021