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The world’s most used penetration testing framework.
The world’s most used penetration testing framework.
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The world’s most used penetration testing framework.


Installing package

Use the following commands to install the package (only for Android 7 or higher):

pkg install unstable-repo
pkg install metasploit

If your device running Android OS versions 5.x.x-6.x.x, use these commands instead (unstable-repo is not available for legacy installations):

curl -LO https://github.com/termux/termux-packages/files/3995119/metasploit_5.0.65-1_all.deb.gz
gunzip metasploit_5.0.65-1_all.deb.gz
dpkg -i metasploit_5.0.65-1_all.deb
apt -f install

Installation may take long time since additional Ruby gems will be installed. Do not close Termux sessions until installation finishes to avoid introducing of potential inconsistencies in $PREFIX.

Warning: do not manually upgrade metasploit installed through package with editing contents of $PREFIX/opt/metasploit. This will likely break installation and result in dependency problems. Do not report issues if you did this.