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== Weekly Development Sessions ==
== Weekly Development Sessions ==
The Development Sessions are weekly chat sessions about the development of Termux and the structure of the project. They are weekly on Sundays 18:00 UTC.
We currently do not perform the Weekly Development Sessions.
* [[Dev: Development Sessions|Protocols and upcoming sessions]]
* [[Dev: Development Sessions|Protocols and upcoming sessions]]

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The information on this page, while public, will primarily be of interest to Termux developers.

Development Mailing List

The development mailing list is located at https://groups.io/g/termux-dev. You can subscribe by sending an e-mail to termux-dev+subscribe@groups.io.

Weekly Development Sessions

We currently do not perform the Weekly Development Sessions.


Here's a list of channels of the Termux project, what they're for and who has special rights and responsibilities for them.

GitHub Organization

Community Forum

User Mailing List

Developer Mailing List


Gitter User Channel

Gitter Development Channel

IRC User Channel

  • Link: #termux @ freenode
  • Purpose: User Discussion. Mirrored to Gitter User Channel
  • Moderators: fornwall, glow(frumpylava), Grimler91

IRC Development Channel

  • Link: #termux/development @ freenode
  • Purpose: Discussion about Termux development. Mirrored to Gitter Development Channel
  • Moderators: fornwall, glow(Neo-Oli), Grimler91



Google Play


Bandwidth quotas for accounts hosting repositories on Bintray:

  • termux: 60 TB
  • grimler: 1 TB
  • xeffyr: 1 (2?) TB