Dev: Development Session 8

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Agenda items

  • Status of bintray and android 7 status
  • Fast-build status
  • Status of ndk19&readline
  • Ideas for improvements

Status of bintray and android-7

  • Bintray has increased limits to 30 GB storage and 20 TB traffic
  • They will get back to us regarding custom licenses
  • We can start populating the android-7 branch
  • Minimal android-7 changes is at thanks to xeffyr
  • We can create an android-7 repo (for all relevant repositories)
  • We can create an android-5&6 branch which will continue to receive updates for a while (and then only security updates)
  • ecj, newsboat, fossil, msmtp, hashdeep, vifm currently require android 6 or newer
  • libutil can be dropped in android-7 branch
  • Repo has to be signed with some key. We could create a new key for the bintray repo and add it to apt's trusted.gpg, or experiment with making it possible to sign with any of our secret keys.

Fast-build status

  • Now uses to get dependencies to download.
  • Now downloads dependencies recursively.
  • ldc, rust, and some other packages still don't buid in fast-build mode

Status of ndk19 and readline

  • Updated packages have now been uploaded for all arches

Ideas for improvements

  • Prevent parallel runs in the same build environment
  • Ability to build more than 1 package through something like `./ pkg1 pkg2 pkg3`
  • Ability to enter a shell with all build variables setup, from which build can be run "manually"