Dev: Development Session 47

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Agenda 2019-12-01

  • We have one month left before we officially closing support for Android 5 branch.
    • Should we apply latest available/possible updates and then freeze branches and leave it only for bugfixes before support is completely dropped ? - The idea is to leave branch with minimum issues to have most packages usable even without support.
    • Due to change in termux-elf-cleaner, all packages should be rebuilt. See for related issue.
    • After rebuilding, the package "command-not-found" should be updated.
  • Android 10: experiment with embedding packages into native lib directory failed.
    • Android package installer strips away subdirectories and files not ending with '*.so' making that approach useless even for binaries (with exception when they are named like "").
    • Proot'ed shell is now the best solution, less reliable but easy and working. It also won't require to drastically change package distribution scheme. As side effect, proot can fix unreadable root directory and few FHS-related problems.
    • Sample Android 10 app (works with API 29 but still incomplete):