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Agenda 2019-03-31

  • Bintray replied about custom license requests
  • LLVM is updated to 8.0
  • Android 7 repository is now complete
  • Rebuilding bootstraps for android-7 branch

Bintray custom licenses

  • Bintray denied licenses for "frobtads" and "sl". About "unrar" they didn't replied at all.
  • Bintray's position regarding custom licenses:
The list of licenses provided by Bintray includes standard OSS licenses,
which are widely used among the OSS community. Company-specific or internal
licenses are supported for Premium accounts and can be added on a per-account
basis via the Bintray REST API
  • None-free packages like frotabs and unrar needs to be disabled or moved to a new none-free repository
  • Xeffyr volunteers to host such a repo:
  • Fornwall has sent another email to our contact person at bintray to ask about the licenses again

LLVM is updated to 8.0

  • Docker image should be rebuilt, Fornwall will fix it.
  • Grimler and Xeffyr have been added as owners of
  • We can create a separate docker image for the android-5 branch, and perhaps for other repos (xeffyr already has a custom one).

Android 7 repository is now complete

  • Rust & LDC were added for all architectures
  • The android-7 repo can be enabled for fresh installations of termux
  • Repository can be chosen based on API level and LD_LIBRARY_PATH unset if API >= 24

Rebuilding bootstraps for android-7 branch