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Any questions after reading the FAQ? Consider joining us with a cup of coffee, or similar. Termux is a distributed community worldwide. Here are a few ways to get in touch:

Official communities

All communities here are English (international). For the localized ones take a look on a list of unofficial.


Official communities are curated by @termux developers or by trusted person. Each community follows these rules with no exceptions unless specified otherwise:

  • Please use English as official Termux communities are international.
  • When asking for help, please explain your issues well.
  • No discussions about hacking or malware and related utilities.
  • No discussions about potentially harmful or illegal activity.
  • No insults and harsh language.
  • No obscure or shortened URLs in published content.
  • No advertisements.
  • Do not ask Termux staff for personal mentorship.

Violation of one or more rules may have consequences such as deleting of your content or banning your account. Users are given only ONE chance to appeal the ban.

Same rules apply for direct messaging (DM) to Termux developers. Do not even try to use private chat for rules circumvention, you will get a permanent ban in both DM and related community resource.

Other (non-official) communities

Here is a list of non-official communities. Termux developers are not responsible about any information or misinformation, site links and files distributed in these communities.

Before adding a new community to the list, ensure that it do not duplicate the existing ones.