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(delist matrix group: this room has been automatically created by Gitter and managed solely by internal gitter user "gitter-badger:gitter.im" - this doesn't meet criteria of being official. The fact of being bridged with gitter chat doesn't make it official in any way.)
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* '''Gitter''' : https://gitter.im/termux/termux
* '''Gitter''' : https://gitter.im/termux/termux
* '''Discord''' : https://discord.gg/HXpF69X
* '''Discord''' : https://discord.gg/HXpF69X
* '''[[IRC]]''' : Channel #Termux on [https://webchat.freenode.net/ freenode]
* '''[[IRC]]''' : Channel #Termux on [https://libera.chat/ libera.chat]
* '''Email''' : [https://groups.io/g/termux termux+subscribe@groups.io]
* '''Email''' : [https://groups.io/g/termux termux+subscribe@groups.io]
* '''Reddit''' : https://www.reddit.com/r/termux
* '''Reddit''' : https://www.reddit.com/r/termux

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Any questions after reading the FAQ? Consider joining us with a cup of coffee, or similar. Termux is a distributed community worldwide. Here are a few ways to get in touch:

Official communities


Official communities are curated by @termux developers or by trusted person. Each community follows these rules with no exceptions unless specified otherwise:

  • Please use English as official Termux communities are international.
  • Please do not be lazy, use search to check whether your question already has an answer.
  • When asking for help, please provide necessary information that will describe your issue well, such as screenshots, logs and scripts.
  • All discussions regarding spying, hacking, phishing, carding, other malicious activity and usage or installation of related tools, are strictly prohibited. We do not care about "fair use", "educational purposes", "pranks" or whether you have a permission to do so.
  • Discussions about clickbots, various social media follower/like generators and other scripts performing suspicious activity and service abuse are prohibited.
  • No spam, flood and off-topic. Our community pages are not place for self-promotion and advertising.

Violation of the community rules may lead to deletion of your post and possibly ban of your account.

Other (non-official) communities

Here is a list of non-official communities. Termux developers are not responsible about any information or misinformation, site links and files distributed in these communities.