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* '''Reddit''' : https://www.reddit.com/r/termux
* '''Reddit''' : https://www.reddit.com/r/termux
* '''Facebook''' : https://facebook.com/termux/
* '''Facebook''' : https://facebook.com/termux/
* '''Facebook Group''' : https://facebook.com/groups/termux/
* '''Twitter''' : https://twitter.com/termux
* '''Twitter''' : https://twitter.com/termux
* '''Telegram''' : https://telegram.me/termux24x7
* '''Telegram''' : https://telegram.me/termux24x7

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Any questions after reading the FAQ? Consider joining us with a cup of coffee, or similar. Termux is a distributed community worldwide. Here are a few ways to get in touch:

Official communities

All communities here are English (international). For the localized ones take a look on a list of unofficial.


Official communities are curated by @termux developers or by trusted person. Each community follows these rules with no exceptions unless specified otherwise:

1. Please use English.

Our community is international and English here is a standardized language which makes easier to follow conversations.

2. When asking for help, please explain your issues well.

Good issue description makes it easier to provide help. Badly explained issues are likely to be misunderstood or even ignored.

3. Do not ask for help with performing potentially harmful or illegal activity.

Do not ask for help with performing actions which can be harmful (in any way), illegal or can be considered as such.

This rule covers many topics, most overheated are split into sub-rules 3.1 and 3.2.

3.1. Do not ask for help with hacking, phishing, spamming, DoS/DDoS, spying, malware and related utilities.

While we encouraging researches and other work towards improvement of software/hardware security, we are against any kind of destructive action and privacy violation. Therefore we are not helping with security issues exploitation, digital attacks, malware or installation, usage and troubleshooting of related utilities. We do not care whether you interested in these topics for "educational" purposes, pranking friends, revenging, making profit or doing something else.

If you are a qualified specialist, you will not ask us to help "install metasploit", "hack facebook" or "use SMS bomber".

3.2. No requests for recovering lost accounts or breaking into stolen devices to retrieve (delete) data.

Sorry, but we are unable to help with such kind of issues. If you are expecting that we will help you to use Termux for hacking the account or device to gain you control over them - see previous rule about "hacking".

Requests about tracing or punishing the person who stole your account or device - neither Termux team nor community represent organisations who have right to perform such kind of work.

4. No insults and harsh language.

Avoid offensive behavior and insults in conversations.

However constructive criticism is okay, even though someone may found it unfriendly.

5. No obscure or shortened URLs in published content.

If sharing some content, give the direct link so recipient won't go through all these redirects or advertisements.

6. No advertisements.

Termux is a non-profit project and therefore using our social media pages for monetization of your content would be too rude and disrespectful.

7. Do not ask Termux staff for personal mentorship.

Termux community is big, but staff team is small. It is not possible to handle all of you on personal basis. And no, we do not provide courses about how to use Termux, Linux distributions, programming, etc.

Please ask questions in our community social media. That's more effective way to receive help and also will share issue solution with other people.

Other (non-official) communities

Here is a list of non-official communities. Termux developers are not responsible about any information or misinformation, site links and files distributed in these communities.

Before adding a new community to the list, ensure that it do not duplicate the existing ones.