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Python 3 is general-purpose programming language. As it is interpreted we need to support the environment and not just install programs and scripts. Currently the world is using Python 3, but there are still projects using Python 2.

What can you use Python for?

  • Data processing on your own or even large projects.
  • Common projects for handling files and images.
  • Learning programming close to the Linux environment
  • Integrated package management PIP


Choose a version you need, if you are not sure pick Python 3.

Python 3

apt provides a main package for Python 3 and you can install it by typing: pkg install python

Python 2

To install Python 2, you need to install the python2 package: pkg install python2

Package Management

After installing python, pip package manager will be available.
To install python packages you can use pip install [package_name]
Be careful what you type as pip can be used to spread malware using common typing errors on android keyboard.

Execute pip --help to learn more about pip.

To install python packages for python2 you can use pip2

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