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Repository for Android >= 7

The master branch of termux-packages has switched to target Android 7 (and newer) instead of Android 5 (and newer) as part of the on-going work to switch to Bintray hosting. The new main android-7 repository is available at URL and is enabled by default for all Termux installations done on devices running Android 7.0 or newer.

Repository available on is for Android OS versions 5.x - 6.x. Since 01.01.2020 we have dropped support for these Android versions and this repository no longer receives any updates, including bug and security fixes.

Why we decided to target Android 7 ?

  • Symbol versioning, meaning that clashes with system libraries should not be a problem anymore.
  • Due to DT_RUNPATH ELF header section. We can avoid LD_LIBRARY_PATH now, which in conjunction with symbol versioning allows to drop wrappers for certain packages using system libraries.
  • More functions available in libc. This makes package porting easier, with less patches and potential issues.
  • Less bugs in libc, which is system-specific thing and cannot be updated on our side.
  • Termux maintainers updated their devices to Android 7.0 and higher for obvious reasons (no one wants to stay outside of progress).