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Have you ever wanted to build your own Android application created on a smartphone and tablet? Now you can easily compile many selected applications that have already been successfully built, installed and tested in Termux on device. You can copy and paste the following into Termux in order to install BuildAPKs on device:

   pkg install curl 

   curl -O

   bash setup.buildAPKs.bash


Scripts in these directories can build thousands of APKs on device with Termux in an Amazon and Android smartphone, tablet, TV and Chromebook. You can use the BASH scripts located here to start building APKs on device.

The build.github.bash bash script works directly with the GitHub API. To see how this script queries the api for data you can use ` grep curl ~/buildAPKs/build.github.bash ` once BuildAPKs is installed. This command:

~/buildAPKs/build.github.bash BuildAPKs

shall attempt to build all the Android Package Kits BuildAPKs has to offer.

The db.BuildAPKs repository assits in parsing repositories for AndroidManifest.xml files located at GitHub. The ~/buildAPKs/opt/db/BNAMES file holds built APK statistics: GitHub login, date stamp, repository projects download size, build time, the number of AndroidManifest.xml files found and how many APKs were successfully built on device for each login that successfully built at least one APK on device from Github with BuildAPKs.

You can also build file managers in Termux by issuing the build.browsers.bash command.

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