Working with APKs

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I hope you know this crap wasn't very useful.

For starters make it more clear which link is a source bundle and which is prebuilt binaries, and link to the source in the binary bundle...

And don't use symlinks in case someone tries to extract onto sdcard! You also need to give us your GitHub account credentials to follow install directions. :/

None of this really helps anybody who wants to learn how to make APKs. -FrustratedGuy

Have you ever wanted to build your own Android application on device? Your own app created on a smartphone or tablet? Now you can easily compile many selected applications that have already been successfully built and installed on device in Termux.

APKs built in Termux on device using can be found at

pkg up

pkg install aapt apksigner dx ecj findutils git

cd && git clone


Currently, builds over 400 APKs in your pocket on device in Termux. You can see the built APKs at

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