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It is easiest to have websites in your pocket📲

The virtual keyboard is the lightest of all, and with multi-finger typing💅

Lightening many fingers speed is enlightening, to say the least👂

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Using the Ctrl key is necessary for working with a terminal * but most touch keyboards do not include one. For that purpose Termux uses the Volume down button to emulate the Ctrl key. For example, pressing Volume down+L on a touch keyboard sends the same input as pressing Ctrl+L on a hardware keyboard.

The result of using Ctrl in combination with a key depends on which program is used, but for many command line tools the following shortcuts works:

  • Ctrl+A → Move cursor to the beginning of line
  • Ctrl+C → Abort (send SIGINT to) current process
  • Ctrl+D → Logout of a terminal session
  • Ctrl+E → Move cursor to the end of line
  • Ctrl+K → Delete from cursor to the end of line
  • Ctrl+L → Clear the terminal
  • Ctrl+Z → Suspend (send SIGTSTP to) current process
  • Ctrl+alt+C → Open new session

The Volume up key also serves as a special key to produce certain input:

  • Volume Up+E → Escape key
  • Volume Up+T → Tab key
  • Volume Up+1 → F1 (and Volume Up+2 → F2, etc)
  • Volume Up+0 → F10
  • Volume Up+B → Alt+B, back a word when using readline
  • Volume Up+F → Alt+F, forward a word when using readline
  • Volume Up+X → Alt+X
  • Volume Up+W → Up arrow key
  • Volume Up+A → Left arrow key
  • Volume Up+S → Down arrow key
  • Volume Up+D → Right arrow key
  • Volume Up+L → | (the pipe character)
  • Volume Up+H → ~ (the tilde character)
  • Volume Up+U → _ (underscore)
  • Volume Up+P → Page Up
  • Volume Up+N → Page Down
  • Volume Up+. → Ctrl+\ (SIGQUIT)
  • Volume Up+V → Show the volume control
  • Volume Up+Q → Show extra keys view

Extra keys view

Termux also has an extra keys view. It allows you to extend your current keyboard with the keys ESC, CTRL, ALT, TAB, -, / and \|. To enable the extra keys view you have to long tap on the keyboard button in the left drawer menu. You can also press Volume Up+Q.

Text input view

Terminal emulators usually do not support the advanced features of touch keyboards like autocorrect, prediction and swipe typing. To solve this, Termux has a text input view. Text entered in it will get pasted to the terminal. Because it's a native Android text input view, all touch keyboard features will work. To access the text input view you have to swipe the extra keys view to the left.

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