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This page outlines some of the content guidelines of the Termux Wiki.

Creating Pages

In order to combat spam, a user account needs to be at least 15 minutes old, before they can create new pages.

Deleted Pages

Pages sometimes get deleted if they do not have any content related to Termux, or are of substandard quality. However, all users can undelete pages. If there is a page you want to write about, and it got deleted; it can simply be undelete. NlNake the changes. A deleted page does not mean we do not need and want this page, it means we will not publish in its' current format. Please assist in undeleting these articles through bring them up to par.

Defining Installation

The recommended way to install a package in Termux is pkg install packagename. If an article contains instructions to install a certain package, it should use pkg install packagename.

Example :

   pkg install nano

Alternative methods of installing something from the repositories are strongly discouraged.

Exceptions can include:

  • Articles about apt or an alternative method,
  • When direct invocation of apt commands that aren't available through pkg are required.

Refer to package management for more information.


Usage of emoji is generally discouraged. Not all browsers and operating systems are capable of displaying them. Using emoji like "👉" instead of bullet points causes the resulting HTML code to not be made up of <ul> and <li> elements, which is detrimental to users which require assistive technologies like screen readers.

Exceptions can include:

  • Direct quotes of other People.


List items should not have empty lines between them, because the resulting HTML would be a separate list for each item instead of one list with several items.


   * Item 1
   * Item 2


   * Item 1
   * Item 2

About piping from curl to bash.

Once the user has setup storage by running termux-setup-storage the simplest method is through using the web browser download feature, followed by bash install-cool-program.sh. Tap this link for a download example script published through GitHub Pages. Use the help feature at GitHub Pages to publish scripts in this fashion.

While it might seem convenient to pipe a script from curl directly to an interpreter, it is very dangerous.

  • Malicious servers can execute arbitrary code through this method. They can detect whether code is being piped to an interpreter and serve different code.
  • Connection failures mid-download can cause commands to do something completely different and are one more reason not to use curl when recommending a script download method. See "Don't Pipe to Your Shell" for more information about this issue.

The following are not permitted in articles:

   curl -q example.com/install-cool-program.sh | bash

They can be replaced with:

   pkg install wget
   wget example.com/install-cool-program.sh
   bash install-cool-program.sh

The first method mentioned in this guideline is recommended.