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Termux-exec allows you to execute scripts with shebangs for traditional Unix file structures. So shebangs like #!/bin/sh and #!/usr/bin/env/ python should be able to run without termux-fix-shebang.

To install use pkg install termux-exec. After installing it you should restart Termux for changes to take effect. Now you should be able to run scripts with traditional shebangs.

2017-09-17 16:27:41 gitter (fornwall) there is now a termux-exec package available, which when installed allows #!/bin/sh, #!/usr/bin/env and likewise to work! after installation it won’t affect the current session, but every future session should work without any setup


To be used if termux-exec and proot are installed:

  unset LD_PRELOAD
  export LD_PRELOAD=$PREFIX/lib/libtermux-exec.so

Further explanation when, how and where to use these settings should be added!