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The Termux terminal can be configured by creating the file ~/.termux/termux.properties. This file uses a simple key=value property syntax and allows configuring the properties listed below.

After changing the properties file the changes will take effect either by executing termux-reload-settings or by restarting the Termux app (closing all sessions and starting the app again).

Black theme

You can make dialogs and drawer be displayed in black color instead of white. This is enabled automatically on Android 9 and higher, but you can override that behavior by manually specifying whether UI should be black or not:

use-black-ui = true

Handling terminal sessions

It is possible to set a shortcut key combination to handle common session actions. Opening a new session, switching between sessions and renaming a session can be adjusted as follows:

# Open a new terminal with ctrl + t (volume down + t)
shortcut.create-session = ctrl + t

# Go one session down with (for example) ctrl + 2
shortcut.next-session = ctrl + 2

# Go one session up with (for example) ctrl + 1
shortcut.previous-session = ctrl + 1

# Rename a session with (for example) ctrl + n
shortcut.rename-session = ctrl + n

Handling the bell character

The behavior of the bell character can be adjusted by setting the bell-character property. How the bell character is received can be configured in Termux with:

# Vibrate device (default).

# Beep with a sound.

# Ignore bell character.

Handling the back key

Setting the back-key property behaviour when the the back key is pressed can be configured as follows:

# Send the Escape key.

# Hide keyboard or leave app (default).

Handling the extra keys

Please take a look at Touch Keyboard.