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Software that works in Termux on a smartphone and tablet in Android and Chrome. Termux offers a wide range of software for your device.

Development Environments
Termux is a great software development environment.
Differences from Linux
There are several differences between Termux and a regular Linux distribution.
Edit, write and manipulate text and data files.
Graphical Environment
Everything about using X Window System in Termux.
Intents and Hooks
Use intents and hooks to access Termux from other apps.
Package Management
Basic and advanced package and module management.
Package Tips
A list of manuals for packages that are tricky to install, like Metasploit Framework and Postgresql.
Remote Access
Access your remote devices or the Termux itself.
Sharing Data
Accessing files in the $HOME directory in other apps on device
A listing of some of the available shells in Termux.