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Shell is an command language interpreter that executes commands read from the standard input device (keyboard) or from a file. Shell is not part of system kernel, but uses the system kernel to execute programs, create files etc.

Currently Termux supports bash, zsh and fish shell


Bash is the default shell after installing termux. The BASH shell init files are ~/.bashrc, $PREFIX/etc/bash.bashrc and more. See `man bash` and `info bash` for more information.


This section is incomplete. This is because it contains no information regarding installation of ksh. Please help to improve it.


The FISH shell init files are ~/.fish, $PREFIX/etc/fish/ and more. See `man fish` and `info fish` for more information.

Oh-my-fish of fish shell working without any known issue in termux, you can install it with official manual in the repository [ here].


The ZSH shell init files are ~/.zshrc, $PREFIX/etc/zshrc and more. See `man zsh` and `info zsh` for more information.