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Compiling OpenFOAM on device takes roughly 10 hours (with wakelock) on a samsung galaxy 8+. It requires some patching to work on android and depends on openmpi, clang, make and flex.
OpenFOAM will only work on Android ≥ 6. Android 5 cannot handle environmental variables longer than 128 characters (see [https://github.com/termux/termux-app/issues/213 termux/termux-app#213]) and OpenFOAM's PATH with termux' LD_LIBRARY_PATH easily exceeds that. It ''might'' work on Android 5 together with chroot.
This guide works for OpenFOAM 5.0, for OpenFOAM 6.0 and newer additional patching is needed.
Most additional patches required for 6.0 involves reverting commit [https://github.com/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-dev/commit/d82cc36c5af97e799a82fadf455e06d192ae1e65 d82cc36c5] and later commits related to long precision.
The OpenFOAM-dev repository has been forked and the changes that will be described in this guide implemented over at [https://github.com/grimler91/openfoam-dev/tree/Android grimler91/openfoam-dev/tree/android].
=== Installing OpenFOAM's dependencies ===
Dependencies for building OpenFOAM are the following:
* make
* clang
* flex
* openmpi
make, clang and flex can be installed with
pkg install make clang flex
Openmpi is not available from the main repository at the time of writing but can be obtained from the community repository [https://grimler.se/testing/OpenFOAM grimler.se/testing/OpenFOAM].
To subscribe to the repository and install openmpi run:
mkdir -p $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list.d
apt install -y gnupg wget dirmngr
apt-key adv --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv D9EFD56891B2BB50
echo "deb https://grimler.se testing OpenFOAM" > $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list.d/OpenFOAM.list
apt update
apt install openmpi
===Installing pre-compiled OpenFOAM===
To simply test OpenFOAM on Android a precompiled package can be used. Install it with
apt install OpenFOAM
after subscribing to the OpenFOAM repo.
If you want a more updated version of OpenFOAM or want it with some special settings you need to build it yourself.
=== Building OpenFOAM from source ===
The disk space requirement for OpenFOAM is the same as on a normal linux computer, around 1.4 gb. Note that installing OpenFOAM onto the external sdcard of the device is not possible as Android's security prohibits executable files in the shared storages.
After installing dependecies the sources need to be obtained.
wget -O OpenFOAM-5.0.tar.gz http://dl.openfoam.org/source/5-0
wget -O ThirdParty-5.0.tar.gz http://dl.openfoam.org/third-party/5-0
tar xf OpenFOAM-5.0.tar.gz
tar xf ThirdParty-5.0.tar.gz
mv OpenFOAM-5.x-version-5.0 OpenFOAM-5.0
mv ThirdParty-5.x-version-5.0 ThirdParty-5.0
cd OpenFOAM-5.0
wget -O OF_5.0_termux.patch https://wiki.termux.com/images/9/9d/OF_5.0_termux.patch
We can now apply necessary patches and then compile openfoam.
# Fix shebangs:
find . -type f -exec termux-fix-shebang {} \;
patch -N -p1 -i OF_5.0_termux.patch
source etc/bashrc
If it finished without error then you are good to go, happy FOAM'ing!
=== What about paraFoam? ===
It is currently not possible to compile paraFoam in termux using qt5 and x11-stuff from [https://github.com/termux/x11-packages termux/x11-packages], the main problem is that the openGL support in qt5-base is not working yet.
For more information on how to use GUI apps in termux see [[Graphical_Environment|Graphical Environment]].
If something is wrong with the guide, please contact [https://github.com/grimler91 Grimler91], or edit the wiki yourself.

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