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As of July 28 2019 packages ending in -dev will no longer exist.

These packages previously contained header files and other files needed to build software on the device. As those files are small they are no longer split out but instead merged into their main packages.

Example: ncurses

Previously the package ncurses-dev contained the header files to compile code using ncurses. This package no longer exists and the header files are now a part of the ncurses package, along with the shared libraries there.

What to do?

  • Run pkg up to update as normally. This will replace all -dev packages with updated versions of main packages.
  • If you are trying to execute scripts or follow a tutorial that tries to install a -dev package, just remove the -dev suffix.
  • If you have further questions, see the Community pages for where to ask questions.

This change only affects the bintray repository

Termux is currently transitioning to use Bintray as a package repository. New installations on devices running Android 7 or later automatically uses the Bintray repository, while old installations and older devices downloades packages from

The switch to drop -dev packages have only been been implemented in the Bintray repository, so if you are still using (check with running apt-cache policy) you are not yet affected.