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Metasploit Framework has been requested multiple times - #583, #715, #754 and #988. Metasploit is a ruby-based package. This makes it difficult to package. As such, users will need to manually download and install this package until this pull request works out.

Automatic Installation

If you wish to install the metasploit-framework all by itself (damn you lazy people 😂) , You can use a shell script to install it.

cd $HOME
pkg install wget

This script will install the latest version of metasploit-framework. If all goes well, i.e. No red colored warnings, you can start metasploit using ./msfconsole.

Please help improve metasploit-framework installation by testing out script.
cd $HOME
Post any errors at #715

Manual Installation


Make sure you have these packages installed

pkg install autoconf bison clang coreutils curl findutils git apr apr-util libffi-dev libgmp-dev libpcap-dev \
    postgresql-dev readline-dev libsqlite-dev openssl-dev libtool libxml2-dev libxslt-dev ncurses-dev pkg-config \
    postgresql-contrib wget make ruby-dev libgrpc-dev termux-tools ncurses ncurses-utils libsodium-dev termux-exec

Clone the metasploit-framework repository

git clone
cd metasploit-framework
Cloning repository is not recommended as it may have some bugs!

Or you can download and extract the latest source package

curl -L | tar xz
cd metasploit-framework-4.16.2
sed 's|git ls-files|find -type f|' -i metasploit-framework.gemspec

Also to avoid weird carriage return character '\r' (see screenshot) , we need to force install rb-readline version 0.5.5

sed 's/rb-readline  (0.5.5)/rb-readline /g' -i Gemfile.lock
sed 's/rb-readline/rb-readline (= 0.5.5)/g' -i Gemfile.lock 

Read [1] to learn more

Install bundler gem

gem install bundler

Install gems

Not all dependencies can be installed with bundler. Manual workarounds are needed to get them going.


We need to make some changes to source of rbnacl-libsodium to get it installed

gem unpack rbnacl-libsodium -v'1.0.13'
cd rbnacl-libsodium-1.0.13
termux-fix-shebang ./vendor/libsodium/configure ./vendor/libsodium/build-aux/*
sed 's|">= 3.0.1"|"~> 3.0", ">= 3.0.1"|g' -i rbnacl-libsodium.gemspec
sed 's|">= 10"|"~> 10"|g' -i rbnacl-libsodium.gemspec

Now patch libsodium configure file

curl -LO
patch ./vendor/libsodium/configure < configure.patch

Build and install the gem

gem build rbnacl-libsodium.gemspec
gem install rbnacl-libsodium-1.0.13.gem
cd .. 
rm -rf rbnacl-libsodium-1.0.13


nokogiri gem will try to compile its own libxml and libxslt, which does not work in Termux because the configure script has incorrect shebang. Instruct gem to use local libraries

sed 's|nokogiri (*|nokogiri (1.8.0)|g' -i Gemfile.lock  
gem install nokogiri -v'1.8.0' -- --use-system-libraries

Read #69 and #79 to learn more.


As network_interface got bumped to 0.0.2 (29 Aug) we got a fix for installation issue in termux. So manual installation is no longer required for network_interface


gRPC is required by metasploit-aggregator. gRPC's ruby bindings require you to build the whole library on device, which fails. Instead we'll use the library provided in the official repository. You will also need to apply this patch Grpc_extconf.patch

Fix for gRPC installation on termux is open at PR #12752

sed 's|grpc (.*|grpc (1.4.1)|g' -i $HOME/metasploit-framework/Gemfile.lock
gem unpack grpc -v 1.4.1
cd grpc-1.4.1
curl -LO
curl -L -o extconf.patch
patch -p1 < extconf.patch
gem build grpc.gemspec
gem install grpc-1.4.1.gem
cd ..
rm -r grpc-1.4.1

All other dependencies can be easily installed with

bundle install -j5

Fix shebangs

Termux is a prefixed system, so, all executables are not available at /usr/bin. To fix this run $PREFIX/bin/find -type f -executable -exec termux-fix-shebang \{\} \;

Segfault fix

Many people were having Segmentation fault while starting metasploit. Thanks to @segfaultmylove for finding out the reason for the segfault. Seems like a module called http_pdf_authors.rb is causing the problem, so we need to remove it by

rm $HOME/metasploit-framework/modules/auxiliary/gather/http_pdf_authors.rb

Now you can run ./msfconsole


Connect to Database

Metasploit-framework uses postgresql as database adapter. First we have to setup postgresql

cd $HOME/metasploit-framework/config
curl -LO
mkdir -p $PREFIX/var/lib/postgresql
initdb $PREFIX/var/lib/postgresql
pg_ctl -D $PREFIX/var/lib/postgresql start
createuser msf
createdb msf_database

(database is already done setting up if you are using automatic installation)

If you encounter any errors while connecting to the database please report them at 715