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Termux Wiki

Welcome to the Termux Wiki.

Termux is a terminal emulator for Android. It uses APT to manage installed packages. Termux also provides an API to interact with phone functions (sending text-message for instance).

Shell/Bash init file

The shell init file currently is ~/.bashrc

Termux Api

The Termux-Api package provides an interface to many android functions such as taking pictures (defect), making calls, sending receiving SMS messages and creating notifications. See Termux Api for details.

Intents and Hooks

Termux is able to catch several intents and execute shell scripts to act upon them:

  • ~/bin/termux-url-opener : share URLs to termux, place your youtube-dl script invocation here


The Termux widget provides an easy way to start small scriptlets from the home screen. Place the scriptlets into ~/.shortcuts

Package management

Main Article: Package Management

pkg can be used as wrapper to apt

Python packages

After installing python, pip will be available

Package tips

Some packages are troublesome to get working or configure in Termux. Follow the individual package page to get common installation and configuration help.


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