List of Ruby packages known to work

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This is a list of Ruby gems that are known to work in Termux with installation instructions. This list contains standalone programs that a non-ruby-developer might be interested in, or gems that are frequently used as dependencies of other programs that require special instructions.


Firstly you need to install all packages in the "pkg requirements" row. Example for Jekyll:

   pkg install ruby-dev clang make libffi-dev

Then you need to follow the special instructions. If no special instructions are given, you can install the package with:

   gem install jekyll


package Description pkg requirements Special Instructions
delayed_job Database based asynchronous priority
jekyll Tool for creating static websites ruby-dev clang make libffi-dev
letter_opener Preview mail in the browser instead of sending
lolcat Prints rainbow colored text
mina Blazing fast application deployment tool
nokogiri XML and HTML library libxslt-dev pkg-config gem install nokogiri -- --use-system-libraries
paperclip Easy file attachment management for ActiveRecord
thin A very fast & simple Ruby web server ruby-dev make gem install thin -- --use-system-libraries
Lolcat in Termux