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= See also =
= See also =
* [[Development Environments]]
* [[Editors]]
* [[Differences from Linux]]
* [[Package Management]]
* [[Package Management]]
* [[Software]]

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Termux is general purpose utility and in theory can be used for everything that can be done on typical Linux distribution.

Sample use cases:

  • Learning the basics of Linux command line environment.
  • Development environment.
  • File synchronization or Web server.
  • SSH client.
  • Downloading and managing files and pages using time-established tools.
  • Data processing using Python.

Of course there are many more things for which Termux is used for. We have more than 1000 packages in our repositories and you can even compile your own, so questions of usability should not be a problem.

You can write your own utilities if necessary. Termux provides compilers for C/C++, Go, Rust, interpreters for Python, Ruby, NodeJS and variety of other things useful for development.

Is Termux same as Linux distribution?

Termux provides a package ecosystem similar to one in Linux distributions. However underlying operating system is Android OS and termux is just a regular terminal application.

This makes some differences:

  • Binaries from normal Linux distribution will not run due to ABI incompatibility.
  • Installation root file system is prefixed.
  • Single-user environment.

More information is available on page Differences from Linux.

Guides and tutorials

We are not capable of maintaining the whole documentation about Linux commands, shell scripting and other general-purpose information so links to external resources are provided instead.


Discover the commands which can be executed in Linux terminal.

Shell scripting

Shell scripting is essential part of terminal usage. Here is a list of guides about shell (Bash) scripting:

These links may be useful for advanced users:

See also