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FISH is a smart and user-friendly command line shell for macOS, Linux, and the rest of the family.
The FISH shell init files are ~/.fish, $PREFIX/etc/fish/ and more. See `man fish` and `info fish` for more information.


Oh-my-fish of fish shell working without any known issue in termux, you can install it with official manual in the repository here. Run $ omf to get some help installing plugin and theme.


Fisherman is a fish-shell plugin manager.


curl -Lo ~/.config/fish/functions/ --create-dirs


Install a plugin. fisher z

Install several plugins concurrently. fisher fzf edc/bass omf/thefuck omf/theme-bobthefish

Install a specific branch. fisher edc/bass:master

Install a specific tag. fisher edc/bass@1.2.0

Install a gist. fisher

Install a local plugin. fisher ~/path/to/my_plugin Edit your fishfile and run fisher to commit changes, e.g. install missing plugins. $EDITOR ~/.config/fish/fishfile fisher

Show everything you've installed. fisher ls @ my_plugin # a local plugin

  • bobthefish # current theme

Show everything available to install. fisher ls-remote

Show additional information about plugins: fisher ls-remote --format="%name(%stars): %info [%url]\n"

Update everything. fisher up

Update specific plugins. fisher up bass z fzf

Remove plugins. fisher rm thefuck

Remove all the plugins. fisher ls | fisher rm

Get help. fisher help z


Source code: