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How do I get help about Termux?

This wiki is a good start to the basics of Termux. Other options include:

  • IRC: Channel #Termux on freenode that is mirrored with Gitter.
  • Github: Submit bug reports regarding the main app, packages, and addons. Create pull requests for your solutions.
  • Gitter: Chatroom that is mirrored with IRC.
  • Google+ Community: You can ask general questions here.

Consider researching Termux on the Internet too, i.e Termux site:github.com

Where is the help in the app?

Long press for the context menu to appear anywhere in the terminal: Tap MORE and select Help from the menu. See http://tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/sect_02_02.html for Absolute Basics Linux Quickstart.

How do I get help about a specific package?

Usually packagename -h will display help about usage. Also install the man tool to view the manual pages of various tools. Use pkg install man to install man. Typing man man or man info might help beginning and advanced users alike. $ man busybox will output the manual page for busybox.

  1. Use q to quit man.
  2. Use space for next page
  3. /search for search
  4. n for repeat search

Can I install all the Termux packages?

Probably no, some packages are known to conflict with each other, e.g. Dropbear and OpenSSH. But you can still install most of packages, this will take approximately 3.5 GB of space on internal storage.

1. Use apt install * in an empty directory. This will produce an error, and this is exactly the result you want for step one. Study the output to find out conflicting packages, then find a way to select only packages that don't cause conflicts.

2. Install using file globbing. For example apt install [a-h]* will install all packages that begin with the letters a-h. But this will probably cause conflicts too.

Is Termux a complete Linux Environment?

Main Article: Differences from Linux

Yes, it is! But there are some differences from traditional Linux distributions.

Firstly, Termux is not an operating system, it's terminal application - a text-based interface to the shell. Secondly, Termux is a prefixed environment. It's directory structure is slightely different than one defined by FHS standard. I.e. in Linux distribution we have /bin, but in Termux it is $PREFIX/bin where $PREFIX is referring to /data/data/com.termux/files/usr. This makes a lot of difference in package installation and compilation.

See this "etc is in wrong place" discussion and Main Article: Differences from Linux for more directory structure and $PREFIX environment information.

Can I do hacking with Termux?

Main Article: Hacking

We have brute force tool THC Hydra, network scanner nmap. Also we have all the dependencies to install famous metasploit-framework which enables Termux users to do some serious hacking stuff! Also we are forced to warn users that you should not use it against machines which you don't have permission to!

Another question people often ask is "Can we hack wifi using Termux", the answer is you can't, that's because we don't have any package which can interact (interact means connect) with Android's wifi module (though we can scan wifi with Termux). Another reason is that most of the Wi-Fi modules on android devices do not support monitor mode required for packages like aircrack-ng

Warning: There appear to be lots of clickbait tutorials on the internet which mislead people into thinking that termux is a tool with which you can hack (crack) machines. The termux developers are neither responsible nor liable for any problems created by third-party tutorials. Note that blogs aren't authentic sources of information and any cyber security work can hardly be done without knowing system internals and programming.

Can I run other Linux distributions in Termux?

Yes, see PRoot. The benefits of PRoot include running Linux operating systems in Termux on a smartphone and tablet in Android, Chromebook and Fire OS.

How do I ssh in Termux?

Main Article: Remote Access#SSH

If you have installed OpenSSH daemon, you can start it with command sshd. Also, the "standard" SSH port in Termux is 8022. So, to connect to the Termux via SSH, you have to use command ssh -p 8022 {ip_address}, with substituting {ip_address} with actual remote device IP.

Note that Termux supports both password and public key authentication. All information can be found on Remote Access#SSH page.

How do I use my storage in Termux?

To grant storage permissions in Android goto Settings>Apps>Termux>Permissions and select storage, then run termux-setup-storage in Termux. Learn more at Internal and external storage

Can I contribute?

Yes, Termux is built on users' contributions. Termux is an open source application; And there are many benefits. The source code is hosted at Github. Termux-app is the repository for the actual App. Changes to the user interface and terminal emulator can be made here. The termux-packages repository is where the apt repository of Termux is located. You can modify and add packages here.

Why do I keep getting 'permission denied' when trying to launch a script?

If you have a problem running bash scripts read the following:

Both the internal shared storage (/sdcard,/storage/emulated/0) and external SD cards do not support executive permissions. You need to move your scripts to the $HOME directory of Termux and set the permissions (chmod +x <scriptname>) before you're able to run it. Alternatively you can call your script with an interpreter: python script.py, bash script.sh

I updated termux packages as root and now I'm getting 'permission denied' as a non-root user.

The core issue is trying to manipulate files that were modified as a superuser. This is likely an SELinux context issue, which can be confirmed by checking that the output of /system/bin/getenforce is 'Enforcing'.

For individual files, we can fix the file context in root (restorecon <file-name>) and revert ownership of the affected file (chown <user>:<group> <file-name>). Note that <user> and <group> are found by running id as a non-root user. In case many files are affected (e.g. due to updating packages), change directory to /data/data/com.termux/ and run restorecon -R . and chown -R <user>:<group> . to recursively apply the changes.

Why do I keep getting '/bin/sh bad interpreter' error?

The error you are getting while executing third-party scripts would be something like :

{program_name} : ./Configure: /bin/{program} : bad interpreter: Permission denied

Terminal throws error as we don't have access to main /bin of android root directory (for non-rooted) , instead, we use prefixed bin ie $PREFIX/bin.

first line of the script:


There are three ways to fix this :

  • Install termux-exec by using pkg install termux-exec. After installation it won’t affect the current session, but every future session should work without any setup.
  • Use termux-fix-shebang from termux-tools to change the shebang line.

Which will change /bin/{program} to $PREFIX/bin/{program}.

  • Use termux-chroot from proot to setup a chroot mimicking a normal Linux file system in Termux.

Is Termux down?

Is Termux down? I'm getting this error:

Unable to install

Termux was unable to install the bootstrap packages.

Check your network connections and try again

This happens when a new installation cannot connect with the website for some reason to download and install the bootstrap packages. If this message keeps repeating upon consecutive attempts, try resetting your network connections:

1. Turn the airplane mode on.

2. Wait a while.

3. Turn it back off. Make sure that wifi and/or mobile network are enabled.

4. Then tap the Termux icon again.

There are little amount of users that don't have Internet access to the Termux repositories. It is impossible to say exactly what is happening from our side, but there are 2 main reasons:

1. Bad ISP. There may be various issues such as domain spoofing or resource IP address/subnet blocking (censorship).

2. CloudFlare blacklisted your IP address due to outgoing attack.

All 2 cases listed above can be solved by VPN. Note that IPs of free VPNs may be blacklisted.

How do I fix a broken environment?

If the only output you see is [Process completed - press Enter] or a variation thereof, your Termux environment is broken. You can fix this problem using a Failsafe Session. Read more at recover a broken environment.

Can Termux be installed on Android <5?

Termux is only available on Android 5.0 or later. See https://github.com/termux/termux-app/issues/6 for more information.

Output when attempting to install any addon, "Cannot install due to unknown error".

All Termux addons needs to be signed with the same key, which means that you should install Termux from Google Play and termux-styling from Google Play too, not vice versa between F-Droid and Google Play since the main app and the addons use the same key for signing.