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The information on this page, while public, will primarily be of interest to Termux developers.

Development Mailing List

The developmont mailing list is located at You can subscribe by sending an e-mail to

Weekly Development Sessions

The Development Sessions are weekly chat sessions about the development of Termux and the structure of the project. They are weekly on Sundays 18:00 UTC.

The People

This is a list of people who have special responsibilities and rights within the Termux Project. You can view a list of all contributors on the respective GitHub contributors page.

Fredrik Fornwall

  • Project leader and founder

Henrik Grimler

Oliver Schmidhauser

  • Termux Wiki technical administrator (hosting and maintenance)
  • Termux Wiki content administrator
  • GitHub collaborator
  • Subreddit Moderator
  • Moderator for Termux Dev mailing list

Leonid Plyushch

  • Termux Wiki content administrator
  • GitHub collaborator
  • Hosting of x11-packages repository
  • Subreddit Moderator


  • Termux Wiki content administrator