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== Sponsorship with Bintray hosting ==
== Sponsorship with Bintray hosting ==
* JFrog has responded on twitter (https://twitter.com/bintray/status/1092457386952933376) that they might be interested. [https://github.com/fornwall fornwall] has mailed devrel@jfrog.com on friday to ask about possible sponsorship in hosting, hopefully JFrog will respond during the coming week.

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Agenda Items

  • Android 7 branch
  • Switching from Travis CI to Gitlab (more available build time + downloadable artifacts)
  • Status of dependency downloading instead of recursive building

Android 7 branch

  • For testing out on an Android 7.0 or later device, add the following to
deb https://dl.bintray.com/xeffyr/android-7-packages stable main

to $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list and then run pkg upgrade.

  • Several (most?) programs seems to work without LD_LIBRARY_PATH on the Android 7 branch already.
  • Symbol versioning is supported starting with Android 6.0, so we should stop stripping that in termux-elf-cleaner on the Android 7 branch.

Switching from Travis CI to Gitlab

Status of dependency downloading instead of recursive building

  • https://github.com/termux/termux-packages/pull/3276 is ready to be merged, as it only adds an option for building and does not break the current (default) recursive building of dependencies.
  • We should start looking at splitting up the build-package.sh script into several files as it's starting to get huge and complicated.

Sponsorship with Bintray hosting