Dev: Development Session 47

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Agenda 2019-12-01

  • We have one month left before we officially closing support for Android 5 branch.
    • Should we apply latest available/possible updates and then freeze branches and leave it only for bugfixes before support is completely dropped ? - The idea is to leave branch with minimum issues to have most packages usable even without support.
    • Due to change in termux-elf-cleaner, all packages should be rebuilt. See for related issue.
    • After rebuilding, the package "command-not-found" should be updated.
  • Android 10: experiment with embedding packages into native lib directory failed.
    • Android package installer strips away subdirectories and files not ending with '*.so'.
    • Proot'ed shell is now the best solution. It also won't require to drastically change package distribution scheme. Proot will also help with fixing unreadable root directory and some FHS-related problems.