Dev: Development Session 4

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Agenda Items

  • Package repo hosting and continuous integration
  • libc wrapper/libandroid-support
  • Android 5&6 support
  • Termux-app improvements

Package repo hosting and continuous integration

  • Xeffyr has setup scripts for hosting packages on bintray and building with gitlab-CI
  • Grimler has successfully used the same scripts to host termux-root-packages
  • Bintray's OSS plan does not allow "custom" licenses, meaning that unrar and others cannot be hosted on an OSS account
  • Fornwall will reachout to bintray and ask for sponsorship since the monthly traffic of the main repo is too large for an OSS-package

libc wrapper/libandroid-support

Not discussed.

Android 5&6 support

  • Plan is to drop android 5 and 6 support once we have CI + bintray or similar up and running
  • We can start experimenting with android 7+ repos
  • We can patch apt to select repository based on android version (so old for android < 7 and for android 7+)
  • We can then start experimenting with DT_RUNPATH, bumping TERMUX_PKG_API_LEVEL and other improvements

Termux-app improvements

  • Auxilus reports that the extra-keys do not resize as they should after termux-reload
  • Xeffyr reports that that having an empty extra-keys ("") leads to a crash