Dev: Development Session 39

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Agenda 2019-10-06

  • Cirrus CI is now configured for Termux application and plugins. In order to have APKs installable, they should be signed with same key. We have next variants regarding apk signing:
    • We can use official Termux key for signing apk files generated on all CI builds. -- Best variant, however that may result in key leakage because everyone can submit custom CI config in own PR and dump key. Example: Possible solutions:
      1. Configure CI to require approval for allowing build with official signature key.
      2. Restrict access to secure variables only to maintainers.
    • Git builds can use a separate key which is not used for signing apks submitted to Google Play. This is what used now.
    • In both cases signature key is encoded to base64 and stored as secure/encrypted variable on CI server.
  • CloudFlare statistics show that amount of downloads is going to be higher. Bootstraps are continuing to be hosted on Github to prevent bandwidth overuse.
  • termux-packages: should we use repository redirect from like we did with bootstraps ?
  • command-not-found with support for multiple repos: Rewritten in c++, loops over each given repo file and collects the results before printing to the user. Can perhaps be optimized further and needs file-lists for each repo