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Agenda Items

  • nl_langinfo() problem after libandroid-support update
  • Status of finding a build & host service
  • Creating more repositories
  • Feedback on updated extra-keys
  • Miscellaneous

nl_langinfo() problem after libandroid-support update

  • nl_langinfo was moved from which meant that packages using that function had to be removed. This caused problems on devices with android < 8, people doing `apt upgrade` before an update was pushed unfortunately got a broken environment that had to be fixed from a failsafe session.
  • Only upgrading libandroid-support will still lead to a broken environment (can be fixed by making libandroid-support conflict with the non-updated versions).
  • The new version of libandroid-support only contains iconv and wcwidth. It might be a good idea to switch to another version of iconv, that is supported and maintained upstream.
  • Removing iconv from libandroid-support means only wcwidth is left. We could replace libandroid-support with a library that contains not only wcwidth but also the termux-exec library and possibly other functions we want to add. would then also link to /system/lib/

Status of finding a build & host service

  • Xeffyr has setup x11-packages to build through gitlab-ci and then upload to bintray, and it works. The free plan is more than enough for x11-packages.
  • Fornwall has sent a question to Jfrog if they are willing to sponsor us but not received a reply yet.

Creating more repositories

  • Grimler has setup two new repositories, game-packages and science-packages. game-packages contain all games found in the main repository, as well as two from its-pointless repo.
  • Xeffyr suggests to create a unstable-packages repo where PRs can be tested, and the good ones can be moved to the main (or another) repo.
  • We should look at making new repositories more discoverable, perhaps by adding a line to the motd message.
  • We could also look into extending command-not-found to also suggest packages from other repositories. Grimler suggests that we can first try switching to an apt-file based solution, to not have to hard-code file lists into command-not-found.
  • Fornwall suggests that we should look into getting a CI that runs termux in android emulators. They could then test PRs by just running binaries in the package and make sure it doesn't give an error.
  • Grimler reports that the "fast build"-idea works pretty well. Xeffyr has tried it and provided some good improvements. One remaining problem is packages that require the host-build of another package. Fornwall suggests that we could add a "x86_64-host" arch and make packages depend on a package from there for the build

Feedback on updated extra-keys

  • extra-keys needs some polishing (fixing backslash key, accepting key combinations, avoid press when swiping to text input).
  • Auxilus reports that the extra-keys occupy two extra height if one row is removed from termux-properties and `termux-reload-settings` is run.
  • It's a bit hard to find the keys, and to learn how to configure them (termux wiki is not updated with a guide for this yet).
  • Some people have requested that the old two row extra-keys should return.
  • We could create a script that automatically sets different suggested extra row combinations.


  • Grimler reports that the termux-api PR #233: speeds up termux-api a lot.
  • Auxilus suggests that metsploit should be looked at again, even if it means putting all the installation steps in a postinst script.
  • Xeffyr has created with a suggestion on how the "[Process completed - press Enter]" message can be avoided. Fornwall will look into it and suggests that we instead can add a second icon "termux - failsafe".