Dev: Development Session 28

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  • Should we drop -dev packages (keeping header files and related in the main package)?
    • They are rather small so shouldn't increase package sizes much.
    • Simplifies things for users, and some simplification for Termux developers.
    • How about compatibility with existing scripts, tutorials and forum posts that uses -dev packages?
  • Should we provide static libraries ?
    • They can be in a separate package.
    • Should apt/dpkg have static dependencies ? This will solve problem with accidental breakage due to dependency updates.
  • Should we change default packages?
    • Add coreutils for compatibility with normal Linux?
    • Add grep for compatibility with normal Linux?
    • Add curl for a powerful download option available by default?
    • Add GNU wget, or at least hide busybox wget (remove $PREFIX/bin/applets/wget), so that users are prompted to install wget if desired?
    • Something else?