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Agenda Items

  • Status of finding a build & host service
  • Termux Facebook page needs moderators
  • Android-ndk 19 status

Status of finding a build & host service

Xeffyr has looked into Bintray. They require that all packages have specified licenses, so suggestion is to add a "TERMUX_PKG_LICENSE" field to our scripts. Bintray also only allows some architecture names so we might need to rename some architectures, like aarch64->arm64. Fornwall suggested that we could look into changing package manager while we are at it, and suggested that the alpine package manager (apk) might be interesting.

Xeffyr has also looked into using gitlab's CI, it is possible to mirror a github repo on gitlab and thereby use their CI, they have a longer build timeout than github (3 hours). and were also mentioned as possible services that we can look into. Fornwall will contact Jfrog and see if they are interested in sponsoring termux.

To speed up builds (which is necessary for some CI's to not timeout) something like stephengroat's #1169 should be implemented. Grimler91 has looked at it and changed it so that dependencies are downloaded with curl and verified with gpg so that we do not have to rely on apt.

Termux Facebook page needs moderators

Auxilus was suggested as moderator.

Android-ndk 19 status

  • clang gives a warning of the type: "clang80: warning: argument unused during compilation: '-stdlib=libc++' [-Wunused-command-line-argument]" which makes configure tests fail. This will probably be fixed in ndk-19b #849. We can patch it for now.
  • is being deprecated, which means that we need to change our setup_toolchain function.