Dev: Development Session 19

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Agenda 2019-05-12

  • Merge libiconv branch for android-5
  • Jfrog/bintray interview/video
  • Termux-upgrade-repo script

Merge libiconv branch for android-5

  • All upgrade problems should have been resolved
  • Bootstraps need to be rebuilt

Jfrog/bintray interview/video

  • Fornwall will do a video interview with JFrog during the week
  • The video is for the upcoming conference SwampUP

Termux-upgrade-repo script

  • To help users upgrading to the android-7 we can write a script and add a message about it to the motd message
  • Script should save a list of installed packages to an installation script, run rm -rf $PREFIX and then exit
  • User can then re-install packages again by running a generated re-installation script
  • Fornwall has created an initial version:
  • Installed, custom, repositories should be installed before packages are re-installed, otherwise apt will give an error that packages can't be installed