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Agenda 2019-04-28

  • Rust 1.34 build fails
  • Handling llvm-config for fast builds
  • Moving failsafe activity to a separate app
  • Status of libiconv
  • Repology metadata

Rust 1.34 build fails

  • Rust 1.34 build fails even after host llvm was upgraded to llvm 8
  • Build script was still using older host-built rust versions
  • Fixing this makes build succeed for all arches, except x86_64 where it fails with:
 Documenting test v0.0.0 (/home/builder/.termux-build/rust/src/src/libtest)
 /home/builder/.termux-build/rust/build/build/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/stage2/bin/rustdoc: error while loading shared libraries: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ invalid ELF header
 error: Could not document `test`.
  • its-pointless reports that this happened before as well

Handling llvm-config for fast builds

  • Fast building packages that uses llvm-config from libllvm fails since llvm-config cannot be run on host
  • We could replace llvm-config, llvm-tblgen and clang-tblgen with shell scripts
  • It might also be possible to solve this by saving and uploading host builds to for example bintray and add the host builds as build-depends for relevant packages

Moving failsafe activity to a separate app

  • Users are confused/do not like having an extra icon for the failsafe session
  • We could move the failsafe activity to a new app that users can install if they run into problems
  • Android 7.1 and newer also has the option to add second shortcut through longpressing icon

Status of libiconv

  • Our own libiconv works fine, but all packages using the function iconv() has to be rebuilt
  • Fornwall will look at writing a script for identifying packages that makes use of the function

Repology metadata

  • Repology is a nice way to find packages that are updateable, we could add a link in the README "want to contribute? Look for outdated packages here:"
  • The metadata for repology is generated by scripts/ and uploaded (by Fornwall) to, we should look at automating this and moving the data to (a new) bintray repo